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Sex Trip September 7, 2009

Posted by pastelroses in Orcom Life.
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Last Saturday, we watched the videos made for our OC152 class. Each group was tasked to make a 3-minute video on any topic so long as we can make it viral. For our class, each group had a different approach and the videos were executed creatively beautiful if I may add.. Of course that’s what almost 4 years in Organizational Communication taught us: to think outside the box and explore and exhaust all possible means to our goal.

Our group took the risk of not including people in the video. We banked on the x-factor of the word sex and basically saved ourselves from whatever humiliation we would otherwise go through had we decided on filming ourselves for the video. Hehe.

We chose sex as a topic because we know it would sell. But of course, we’d still have to work hard to make the video popular and all. So far, I’ve promoted it on Facebook, Friendster (yes, it’s still alive,) Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Mail, Plurk, Twitter, and Multiply. The video tackles sex in a whole new light. It takes its viewers on a sex trip across the globe, noting some very interesting facts about sex across cultures.

Here it is:

All in all, I’m really proud of what my batch has done with the videos we made. I’m so lucky and I feel honored to be working among such brilliant, creative minds. Orcom Class of 2010, we rock!